Our Brands

Our products are imported from France, Lebanon, Syria, Singapore, Spain and the U.S.A.

The brands we carry are leading worldwide brands that we distribute on an exclusive agency basis.

Our Featured Products

We feature a complete and broad range of products to meet the strict demands of our customers that will satisfy their preferences that can be utilized for any home or office.

ROZENBAL has for more than 65 years been the prime brand for all household-care utensils: brooms, brushes, mops, buckets, household gloves, sponges, floorcloths, wipes, trash bags.
Spontex is a funny word, isn’t it? Created in France in 1932, the name Spontex is an amalgamation of the words sponge and textile. The brand began when we designed the world’s very first cellulose sponge and from those humble beginnings we’ve gone from strength to strength! We’re delighted to say that in the UK we’ve become the nation’s number 1 branded manufacturer of cleaning tools and gloves. We love you too, Britain!

In 1950, Jean Panzani launched the Panzani Pasta brand: the cellophane packet is born! A mini revolution in the world of pasta: the consumer was now able to see the product before buying it. It was an instant success.

In 1952, Panzani extended his business by offering tomato sauces in tin cans! A simple and tasty idea to accompany your pasta!


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